Release Notes

Document contains release notes for EMS Support Application.


Binaries can be found on the EMS Portal Downloads page.

Release 5.4.4

Released March 3, 2020


Added ability to send events to BlueFletch and Splunk. Additional performance improvements.


  • Added imei number to device details
  • Moved changes to
  • Refactoring for the Device Serial Number retrieval logic
  • Support for Sending events to Splunk as well as GCP
  • Added Aplunk auth token and url to ui display
  • Removed dagger and dependency injection.
  • Remove Splash screen UI.

Release 5.3.3

Released December 5, 2019


Update Serial Number retrieval logic for Samsung devices. Update to the Icons


  • Added new class for serial number retrieval
  • Updated code for oreo devices
  • Update the application icons

Release 5.2.1

Released November 5, 2019


During Find Me Alert (low battery) sound will continue when device moves. Added License and Copyright display.


  • Added terms of use activity to the dashboard
  • Updated the libraries for copyright
  • Added support label
  • Added the device model to the system details fragment
  • Updated the support version label
  • Added logic for controlling sound on Motion during Alert display ‌

Release 5.1.3

Released September 16, 2019


Notification display fixes, such as turning notification badge off.


  • Turn notification badge off on channel
  • Changed the CHANNEL ID, and Foreground Id

Release 5.1.2

Released September 4, 2019


Appusage changes and various fixes.


  • Added a common static start method
  • Added some un registers, a little logging, and deleted some stuff
  • Set appusage events time to the time the events are posted
  • Changed default configuration of appusage time to 30 minute intervals
  • Changed notification icon to a png
  • Fixed to prevent crashing on find me on Kitkat and Lollipop devices

Release 5.0.24

Released August 8, 2019


Remove WebView usage, now using Chrome for Ticket opening URL.


  • When opening a ticket, the default browser is chrome
  • Removed WebView Activity
  • Fixed getPath() in ConfigurationModel after removing useInternalStorage