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Release Notes

Document contains release notes for EMS Messaging.

Package: com.bluefletch.ems.messaging

Binaries can be found on the EMS Portal Downloads page.

Release 3.3.0

Released March 25, 2021


Fix for reconnection issue when server broker goes down.


  • State should be connection lost, so it will try reconnecting.
  • Remove confusing toast for custom audio
  • Remove large icon for consistency with other foreground notifications

Release 3.2.4

Released February 26, 2021


Fixes/enhancements to connection management, to improve support for connect / disconnect / reconnect scenarios.


  • Prevent duplicate messages from being received
  • Updated reconnect handler
  • Updated with connect and subscribe callback for N+ devices
  • Added stats page with test message capability
  • Simplify duplicate message check, along with stat log
  • Added a check for isRetained flag for duplicate checking (only retained messages will be checked for dups)
  • Added a general crash handler
  • Updated Manifest permissions for System Window and Background service start
  • Added logging for component in which messaging is starting activities
  • Add onRestartRequired logic, to attempt to self heal if acquiring connections < 30s apart

Release 3.1.2

Released December 17, 2020


Support for Android 10.


  • Android 10 support.
  • Additional German text translations.

Release 3.0.10

Released November 2020


Logging support and Internationalization work. Updated MQTT Client Library.


  • Internationalization for EMS messaging
  • Updated german translations from review
  • Updated Support library
  • Logic to translate base bluefletch packages to the EMM version removed unneeded files
  • Dev ui in debug builds only
  • Fixed package name in start activity
  • Added null checks.
  • Checks for notification interruptions
  • Implemented new MQTT Client Library support

Release 2.3.1

Released November 5, 2019


General fixes


  • Updated the way we check if notifications are enabled
  • Fixed the heads up notifications
  • Needed to check for the heads up channel being disabled
  • Fixed mqtt connection issue
  • Used Common Channel ids string

Release 2.2.1

Released October 7, 2019


Android Compile SDK bumped to 28.


  • Compile SDK changed from 27 to 28

Release 2.1.1

Released September 16, 2019


Fixes for Badging and Device shutdown.


  • Make sure Badging is turned off
  • Updated Messaging to disconnect on Shutdown from Broker. have commented out the Unsubscribe at shutdown.