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User Guide: Support Agent Tab

Device Details Dashboard

Each device with the BlueFletch Support Application installed reports details on its state regularly to the BlueFletch Portal. These details can be conveniently viewed in one place, the device's detail dashboard. This can be reached by URL ([SERIAL NUMBER]), by the Detailed Device View button present on Playbook Devices' Device Summary page or EMM Console Devices' Device Summary page, or by linking the URL to a dashboard device list card (BlueFletch has a public data table card "Device Check In/Check Out" that has this link).

Device Details

A device's dashboard includes the following cards, with details populated as relevant. For example, if a device is not enrolled in an enterprise mobility management policy, then EMM Details will be empty.

Device Information

General information about the device.

  • Device ID: Device's serial number
  • Model: Device's manufacturer name and model number
  • Android Version & Build Number: Android operating system version number followed by the specific Android build number, which is sometimes OEM-specific
  • Site: Current site name associated with the device
  • State: Current device state (e.g. Idle, Cradled, etc.)
  • Last User: Username of the last logged-in account
  • Last Reported: Date and time that the device's most recent heartbeat was received by Support Agent

EMM Details

Information specific to the device's status in the organization's enterprise mobility management (EMM). Only reports if device is enrolled in the EMM.

EMM Chips

The EMM Console chip in the header indicates that this device can be found in the EMM Console tab's Devices. A green Compliant or red Not Compliant chip indicates whether or not the device has been assigned to an EMM policy.

  • Management Mode: Android Enterprise management mode (e.g "DEVICE_OWNER" means device has a device policy controlled installed by the enterprise managing the device)
  • State: State of the device in its policy (i.e. ACTIVE or INACTIVE)
  • Policy: EMM policy identifier
  • Enrollment Time: Date and time that the device was initially enrolled in EMM policy
  • Last Policy Sync Time: Date and time device was most recently synced to EMM policy
  • Total Ram: Memory on device
  • Total Internal Storage: Disk storage on device
  • Android Version: Android operating system version on device
  • Android Status: Status of operating system on device (up-to-date or behind on patches/updates)

Playbook Details

Information specific to the device's status within a playbook. Only reports if the device has been deployed with the BlueFletch Playbook Agent.

Playbook Chips

The Playbook MDM chip in the header indicates that this device can be found in the Playbook MDM tab's Devices. A green Compliant or red Not Compliant chip indicates whether or not all plays in the playbook ran successfully on this device.

  • Deployment group name: Name of the deployment group that enrolled the device in a playbook
  • Playbook name: Name of the playbook that was deployed to the device
  • Created: Date and time that the playbook was created
  • First Reported Time: Date and time that the device first reported to Playbook Agent
  • Last Sync Time: Date and time that the device was last synced with its playbook
  • Last Deployment Group Sync Time: Date and time that the device was last synced with its deployment group
  • Agent Version: Version number of BlueFletch Playbook Agent installed on device

Installed Apps

List of the application packages installed on the device. Details are displayed in the following two columns, and the user can hover over the application for all details in a tooltip.

  • App Name: The application's "friendly" name is displayed if available, otherwise the package name is displayed
  • Version: The application version number installed on the device

Plays on Device

List of the plays belonging to the playbook deployed to the device. Displayed in two columns.

  • Play: Name of play as seen in the playbook
  • Status: State of that play on the device; "Compliant" or an error, such as "Failed while installing application"


Lower Segment of Device Details

Launcher Information

Identifying information for the current versions of the Launcher application and of the launcher configuration on the device.

Launcher Version: Version number of com.bluefletch.launcher package on device Configuration Version: Value of configVersion field of the launcher.json configuration file on the device


Information on the device's battery state.

  • Status: Power session state of the battery (e.g. "Full", "Charging", "Discharging")
  • Charge: Percentage charged
  • Temperature: Battery temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Health: Battery condition (e.g. "Good")
  • Max Capacity: Percentage that is considered a full charge (e.g. "100%"); this field requires Support Application version 5.3.18+ and will remain empty until the device has been fully charged at least once since Support Agent has been tracking it


Information on the device's network connection.

  • DNS 1: IP address of the network's primary DNS server
  • DNS 2: IP address of the network's secondary DNS server
  • Proxy: IP address of proxy server if relevant; otherwise, "NA"
  • Gateway: IP address of network's default gateway/router
  • BSSID: BSSID of the connected access point
  • SSID: SSID of the connection