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User Guide: Enterprise Launcher Tab


The Sites page is a tool for administrators to manage the site list files they push to their devices. An admin can view all the site lists they have uploaded to this page and, if desired, set one file as the current site list so all Support dashboards in EMS Portal can filter data relevant to those sites.

Adding Site Lists

To add a site list spreadsheet as a CSV file to the Sites management page:

  1. Press the New Sites List button.

    Sites Empty

  2. In the Select New Site CSV window, press Browse for File. The computer's file explorer will open, allowing selection of files with .csv extensions only.

  3. Details of the file are displayed, including "File Name", "File Size", and "Last Modified" date/time. Press Upload to add the file to Sites.

    Sites Upload

  4. Repeat the same steps to upload as many site list files to the page as needed.

Site List Management

Once at least one site list is added to the page, the file's details and the actions that can be taken on it are displayed.

Sites Populated

  • Number of Sites: Number of site entries in the CSV file.
  • Version: Starting at 0 for the first site list added, "Version" increments upward for each new site list file added.
  • Is Current: This flag defaults to off (false), but can be turned on (true) to set that file as the current site list for the Support dashboards.
  • Upload By: Username of the admin who uploaded the file.
  • Upload At: Date and time that the file was uploaded.
  • View: Opens a scrollable View Sites window, which displays the content of the CSV file. The default minimum columns displayed for a file are siteid, sitename, latitude, longitude, iprange, subnet, and apmacaddress.

Sites View

  • Download: Downloads file to computer. Naming convention for the downloaded file is "site_Version.csv".
  • Delete: Removes file from list.

Set Current Site List

To set a site list as the current site list for the org, click the "Is Current" flag for one site list so it is on.

Sites Is Current

Only one site list can be selected as current at a time. Turning "Is Current" on for a different site list will turn the flag off for the prior site list. Attempting to delete a site list while "Is Current" is on will produce an error.

Observe now that on any dashboard in Support Agent, the "Sites" filter can select only the site IDs from the current site list.

Sites Dashboard