User Guide: Enterprise Launcher Tab

Enterprise Launcher Overview

The Enterprise Launcher tab is where to go to manage the home screen for rugged devices, specifically for use in a shared device model. Here the user will be able to edit or delete their Launcher configurations, download a configuration to the devices by scanning the QR Code, and send notifications to devices.

Creating A Configuration

BEST PRACTICE TIPS : Multiple configurations can be created for the organization. These configurations can be edited either on the EMS Portal, on an IDE, or in a text editor. If configurations are built within an IDE or text editor, copy and paste the configs into the raw config editor on the Poral and be sure to update configuration versions and include descriptive descriptions for updates.

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Launcher and select Configurations. Click NEW CONFIGURATION in the top right corner. Launcher Config
  2. Enter a name and description for the configuration. Edit the body of the configuration using the menu provided, and click SAVE. Creating Config


Sending A Notification

Use the following steps to test sending notifications to the devices:

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Launcher and select Notifications.
  2. Enter a destination for the notification and edit the contents of the JSON message.
  3. Click SEND to send the notification Sending Notifications