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Feature: Role-Based Auto-Launch


Devices using the Enterprise Launcher can be configured to automatically launch any application upon login, based on the logged-in user's IdP groups. This sets a user up to work immediately on his or her main task.

For example, perhaps the user is a stocktaker and needs to have an inventory app open. If the user has a stocktaker-specific IdP group assigned, when he or she logs in, the inventory app will automatically open.

Technical Notes

To configure a role-based auto-launch, set a login custom intent within the Launcher configuration (launcher.json) file. Include a filter object that defines the IdP session group(s) for which the auto-launch should be applied.


"intents" : {
    "login" : [
            "package": "com.application.inventory",
            "flags": 1,
            "typeIntent": "a",
            "filter": {
                "session.groups": "Associate|Stocktaker"
  • package: The package name of the application to invoke.

  • flags: The integer 1 configures the intent to start a new task.

  • typeIntent: The string "a" configures the intent to start an activity.

  • filter: This object holds the key-value pair defining which IdP group(s) will need to be logged-in for this intent to occur. session.groups: "Associate|Stocktaker" means that only when a user logs in with the IdP groups "Associate" and "Stocktaker" will the intent trigger this application package to launch after login.

For more details on all the properties available for custom intents, consult the Launcher Configurations documentation.

Feature Introduced

Feature introduced in Launcher 3.16.15.