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Feature: Custom Intents Platform Actions


The custom intents have been enhanced to give greater control on platform actions.

The first such is the action is to Clear the application cache.

Using the Action value of "CLEARCACHE", and supplying a package name and typeIntent to "p", launcher will invoke the Platform Clear cache during specified life cycle times (Login, Logout, Boot, Cradle, Uncradle, and ScreenOn).


"intents" : {
    "login" : [
                "action": "CLEARCACHE",
                "package": "",
                "typeIntent": "p"
    "boot" : [],
    "uncradle": [],
    "cradle": [],
    "screenOn": []

See Launcher Configurations for more information on the Intents object.

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 3.6.x.