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Feature: Custom Intents Platform Actions


The custom intents have been enhanced to give greater control on platform actions.

The currently supported actions are "CLEARCACHE" and "LOGIN". The typeIntent is "p".

  • An action value of "CLEARCACHE", supplying a package name and typeIntent to "p", launcher will invoke the Platform Clear cache during specified life cycle times (Login, Logout, Boot, Cradle, Uncradle, and ScreenOn).

  • An action value of "LOGIN", will cause the Launcher to invoke the Login UI.


"intents" : {
    "login" : [
                "action": "CLEARCACHE",
                "package": "",
                "typeIntent": "p"
    "boot" : [],
    "uncradle": [{
        "action": "LOGIN",
        "typeIntent": "p"
    "cradle": [],
    "screenOn": []

See Launcher Configurations for more information on the Intents object.

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 3.6.x.

Login Action introduced in Launcher 3.7.7.