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BlueFletch Voice Chat


The BlueFletch Chat application utilizes the Twilio API for allowing audio and video calls between users.

To use Voice Chat, the user must send or receive a call from another user using BlueFletch Chat. Once a call is accepted, BlueFletch Voice Chat will be started for both users.

If the audio call option was selected from BlueFletch Chat, then the call will be audio only. Likewise, if the video call option was selected from BlueFletch Chat, then a video call will be started in BlueFletch Voice Chat between the two users.

See below a screenshot of BlueFletch Chat's ChatActivity where a user can request an audio or video call with another user.

NOTE: BlueFletch Chat will not show buttons for requesting audio or video calls if Voice Chat is not installed on the device. Additionally, any calls to a device that does not have Voice Chat will be automatically rejected.


  • BlueFletch Chat v1.3.x

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