Overview of EMS

Enterprise Mobility Suite is a bundle of software to allow Enterprises running Android to reduce lost devices, simplify deployments, and get more visibility into their mobile fleet.

The suite of software includes:

  • The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher

    A purpose-built, secure home screen replacement for Android enterprise devices.

  • Device Support Analytics

    Allow for gathering device events.

  • Configurable Authorization Providers

    Allows an Enterprise to use their identity provider.

  • Messaging

    Gives the ability to send messages to an individual device or groups of devices.

  • Playbook Agent

    Simple Application Management that allows for deploying application updates to Enterprise devices.

Supported Devices

Supported on all flavors of Android, Marshmallow (5.1) and above.


For additional information about EMS, email us at ems@bluefletch.com.


For support with an EMS Product, email us at support@bluefletch.atlassian.net or open a support ticket by clicking here.