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BlueFletch Enterprise

BlueFletch Enterprise is a set of software tools that allows enterprises running Android to reduce lost devices, simplify deployments, and get more visibility into their mobile fleet.

Users are able to access BlueFletch Enterprise through device applications and an online Portal to allow a user to view data, configure settings and manage deployments.

The BlueFletch Enterprise suite includes...

  • BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher

    A secure home screen replacement for dedicated enterprise Android devices that provides multi-user single sign-on.

  • BlueFletch Support Agent

    A background service that captures and reports device-specific events to increase visibility and reduce Help Desk costs.

  • BlueFletch Playbook Agent

    Allows a user to sync admin-approved application and file updates on their enterprise device.

Key Features of the BlueFletch Enterprise Device Applications

  • Configurable Authorization Providers

    Allows an enterprise to use their identity provider.

  • Messaging

    Gives the ability to send messages to an individual device or groups of devices.

  • Device Finder

    Allows site users to get the status of a site device, to see last known location of a device, and to send messaging to a device.

  • Keyboard

    The BlueFletch Keyboard is a configurable replacement for the device's default keyboard and allows the user to change the keyboard layouts, disable key previews, and choose a feedback option when a key is pressed.

  • Browser

    The BlueFletch Browser is a configurable replacement for the device's default browser and provides a more secure browsing experience.

  • Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Settings is a standalone application that allows pairing and management of connected Bluetooth devices without exposing the Android Settings page.

  • BlueFletch Chat

    BlueFletch Chat utilizes the MQTT Messaging service to send messages between users at the same business location.

  • Device Remote Control

    BlueFletch Remote Control agent allows device administrators to view, and in some cases interact with, users' mobile devices.

  • Device ID

    Designed for devices running Android 10+, the Device ID application provides a common device ID for all other BlueFletch applications.

  • Suite Installer

    An application to assist clients in installing the BlueFletch Enterprise product line. This application will download, install, and if desired, start BlueFletch products. The major benefit of this application is to give application permissions, and it will do all the work in the background.

  • Deploying Applications

    Gives the user an understanding of how to deploy applications to a device using BlueFletch Portal or their preferred MDM tool, such as SOTI or Intune.

BlueFletch Portal

The BlueFletch Portal allows a user to view data, configure settings, and manage deployments and devices. Use guides on these features, and more, to explore the Portal.

Supported Devices

BlueFletch Enterprise currently supports Android 5.0 through 10 across a variety of device manufacturers including Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung.

We continue to certify new devices from other manufacturers and vendors each quarter.

If you have a device you are interested in certifying, please contact us.


For additional information about BlueFletch Enterprise, email us at


For support with a BlueFletch Enterprise product, email us at or open a support ticket by clicking here.