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Release Notes

Document contains high level release notes for EMS Portal

Release 3.1.415

Released November 13, 2020


Playbook Device details received new features for requesting logs. Performance improvements with REST API's.


  • Terms of Service Acknowledgement on login.  Yes, requiring users to accept TOS.
  • Begin logging changes to control records. Viewing the changes coming in a later release of the portal.
  • Deployment Groups have been modified to load quicker.
  • Management (moving) devices from one Deployment group to another is through the Devices Page.
  • Viewing of Device Logs.   Yes, any submitted EMS device application log can be retrieved through the Portal.
  • Playbook Device Details Page updates to requesting logs from devices and sync Playbooks on devices
  • Playbook Device details allows for linking to the Support Dashboard for a device.
  • Lot's of UI cleanup on the Portal, including more consistent dialog usage.
  • API usage updates, added "keep" alive options to the REST API's for improved performance.
  • EMS Documentation site has been refreshed.

Release 3.1.381

Released October 16, 2020


EMM Provisioning Extra support within EMM Policies and tokens. Ability to copy an EMM Policy.


  • Paging updates to EMM Devices.
  • EMM Policy copy.
  • Organization Edit updates.
  • Launcher configuration editor updates.
  • User Activation sent UI updates.
  • Added clear X to search boxes .

Release 3.1.335

Released September 19, 2020


Added EMM Policy token edit / list / delete. Support for StageNow XML within Playbook. Various fixes for device paging. Launcher Configuration editor updates.

Release 3.1.325

Released September 11, 2020


Internal project updates, include React Router. Playbook device details page. Various portal fixes.

Release 3.1.312

Released August 27, 2020


Copy to clipboard support on Organization and Deployment group ids. Fixes for Deployment group move of devices.

Release 3.1.292

Released August 14, 2020


Launcher configuration editor updates. Various portal fixes.

Release 3.1.292

Released August 1, 2020


Introduced the Launcher configuration editor. Various EMM Policy fixes.

Release 3.1.243

Released June 27, 2020


Support for SSO Login. Batch processing for EMM Policy and device changes. Beginning of EMM Token changes.

Release 3.1.176


Released May 30, 2020


Goolge EMM Support

Release 3.1.40

Released January 26, 2020


Added Google Analytics page load tracking.

Release 3.1.35

Released January 23, 2020


To display a QR Code for Launcher Configuration.

Release 3.1.34

Released November 13, 2019


Support for Event Forwarding. This allows an Organization to forward Support Analytics data to other providers (ie. SumoLogic or Splunk).

Release 3.1.31

Released November 4, 2019


User Activation and Password reset flows.

Release 3.1.28

Released September 29, 2019


Display fix within Playbook Edit

Release 3.1.25

Released September 24, 2019


New Binary Downloads page, to give Admin's ability to download the latests APK's or view past APK's.

Release 3.1.24

Released September 19, 2019


Button styling changes

Release 3.1.23

Released September 12, 2019


Display list of devices connected to the MQTT service, along with connection state.

Release 3.1.22

Released August 9, 2019


Display the Organization License.

Release 3.1.17

Released July 24, 2019


Organization Edit changes.