Release Notes

Document contains release notes for EMS Playbook Agent.

Package: com.bluefletch.go

Binaries can be found on the EMS Portal Downloads page.

Release 2.1.2

Released October 9, 2019


Changes to support Android Oreo, moving from Receivers to Services, along with using Job Scheduler. Some file processing fixes.


  • Updated to new support tool lib
  • Fixed downloads if file is the same. Debug logging
  • Initial work to move Playbook to service for receiver
  • init changes for Notifications per foreground service and the new job scheduler
  • Scheduling via Job Scheduler
  • Added logic to receive a Message from EMS Messaging system

Release 2.1.1

Released September 29, 2019


Icon update with Fixes during Un-registering of device.


  • Set the version code when un-register successful
  • Changed icon for playbook
  • Updated the libs.json