Release Notes

Document contains release notes for BlueFletch Launcher.

Package: com.bluefletch.launcher

Binaries can be found on the EMS Portal Downloads page.

Release 2.12.1

Released January 28, 2020


Added platform update for OEM Platform Service (now supports Nokia Devices)


  • Implement status bar lockdown via platform service
  • Implement set default launcher via platform service
  • Implement clear app cache, data and recents via platform service

Release 2.11.1

Released January 22, 2020


Updated the Device Serial number logic. Platform updates for Honeywell devices. Added ability to scan QR code to load Launcher Configurations. EC30 layout support.


  • Removed configuration enableOptiko. now support application support always on
  • New 'legacy' honeywell platform and enhanced way of checking for default launcher
  • Make list of launchers to disable configurable, if needed.
  • Update Device Serial Number usage
  • Tweaks to EC30 Layout + support for Voice on EC30
  • Remove search from EC30 view for now.
  • Support config settings for keyboard
  • Enhancements for sitelist to monitor folder for file changes.
  • Cleanup on check for downloads on ems folder
  • Basic changes for qr code reading
  • Updated logic to set data into UI adapter
  • Accepts a Scanned QR Code to load configuration for Launcher
  • Fixed issue where Download/ems/launcher.json was not checked on initial load
  • Added conformation flow to the launcher configuration qr scan. removes download file, if exists
  • Implement enable and disable package on honeywell platform.
  • Support backward compatibility with legacy builds for honeywell

Release 2.9.2

Released December 5, 2019


Update Developer UI to reduce confusion of current logged in user versus Admin User. Changes to the setting of Default Launchers.


  • Set BF Launcher as the default after the user exits and reopens it
  • Updated launcher icons
  • Updated the Developer tools to message user about logging out first
  • If error during login attempt, then Clear Recent Tasks
  • Disable the Android Launchers when making BF Launcher the default launcher

Release 2.8.1

Released November 5, 2019


Various fixes to support latest Zebra BSP.


  • Fix for AppLog to send the actually Location value, not the string 'LOCATION'
  • Fixed the Power Connect receiver, now registered within the Main Activity
  • Re-added the BOOT Complete Receiver
  • Moved Clear Provider and Clear Session to APPLICATION level
  • Fixed application startup issue. When clearing provider, config has not been fully loaded at the time, so needed a null check
  • Allow for Disabling Packages at startup
  • Updated the Launcher Banner image to the new bluefletch logo
  • Removed ‘s from tool’s, now is tools
  • Moved Power Session logic into launcher. Fixes logout of session when device is cradled.
  • Moved session “retain” logic into power session

Release 2.7.7

Released October 8, 2019


Common Configuration uploader, to allow for easier remote debugging. Support for ADFS Auth.

Launcher will look for configuration changes in /sdcard/Downloads/ems folder.


  • Changed default production Org ID to the new support org id
  • If the Configuration file is not on the device, it will display an alert
  • If debug build, ignore license and config check
  • Made Alert dialog dis-misable via config change
  • New feature: config upload
    • Will get config, launcher version and expiration date
    • Add permission READ_PHONE_STATE to get the device serial number on O devices
    • Send data to eventAPI configuration endpoint
    • Upgrade Retrofit to 2.x, OkHttp to 3.x
    • Put in a workaround for a known defect in Android 6.0 M where FileObserver doesn't trigger CREATE event if folder is empty.
  • Add feature to defer posting of config until a valid network connection exists.
  • "No Config" Dialog can not be dismissed
  • Updated the Config Missing message
  • Moved unregister to calling function for readability
  • Updated base configuration for new auth for ADFS 3.0
  • Updated ConfigManager to check /sdcard/Download/ems folder for newer files
  • Fixed missing function error
  • Add separate recursive file observer for /sdcard/Downloads/ems folder. Existing fileObserverAction can take care of the processing
  • Fixed errors being reported by IDE due to Timber usage
  • Additional logic in fileObserver to differentiate between ems/launcher.json and blueLauncher/launcher.json
  • Added debounce logic to notifyConfigChange method to prevent multiple calls when launcher.json is being updated (within a second)
  • When Support tool is updated, logic will restart/re-init the connection with the tool
  • Logic to catch Platform startup issue
  • Added disable logic to the setting default launcher
  • Added the disable off launcher 3 because the set default launcher profile will not always be run
  • Changed the Clear Recent to only occur on Log off

Release 2.6.4

Released September 16, 2019


Support for new Site location CSV. This allows for detection of the SITE / Location based on where the DEVICE is, not based on who is logged in.

Various fixes.


  • New SiteLocationService module: corresponding services for Loading Site Information. Merged loader and fetch services into single service Load the data on first request for location Store load file checksum in shared preferences to skip loading step if already processed. Cache location in shared prefs to load at next startup (except if using default config). Use config default siteId and siteName if no file is found
  • Send location to support agent once location is known
  • Moved setTheme to post config change
  • Revert old behavior for setting location if useSiteInfoService = false
  • Moved sitelist.csv location from /sdcard/Downloads to app folder
  • Set base configuration useSiteInfoService to false
  • Added logic to look for the show Badges on the Channel
  • Updated Notification manager to NOT subscribe to topics if ORG not set but needed. Fixed subscribing for GROUPS array

Release 2.5.16

Released September 4, 2019


Various fixes, removed logged in user id from the Notifications Topics


  • Fix for occasional crash due to NPE with messaging service _connected variable.
  • License logic now displays an Alert on Failed expiration
  • Removed UserId from Topics Updated the Alert Message.
  • Sending Event records about License Check
  • Updated the Claims to match the new format updated license message
  • If ADMIN logged in and using Layouts, if the Admin group exists within layouts, use that, otherwise default to displaying all
  • Fixed scroll bar that displays on home screen.
  • Fixed crash on ec30 because the height / width were not defined for hidden items
  • Resolve Layouts issue where Folder contents rendered on incorrect view. Issue was getting the Folder View objects from the correct layout. Only affects when having 3 or more pages of icons