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Release Notes

Document contains release notes for the BlueFletch Keyboard.

Package: com.bluefletch.keyboard

Binaries can be found on the EMS Portal Downloads page.

Release 2.1.8

Released November 2020


Adjustments for Font Sizes and Key Previews.


  • Started german translations
  • Make adjustments to keyPreview display for API level 28
  • Adjust font size and key previews for landscape keyboard
  • Removed empty layouts
  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.1.3

Released September 29, 2020


Various UI changes.


  • Modularize onKey method from KeyboardInputMethodService
  • Update big button layout
  • Rename package

Release 2.0.2

Released March 2, 2020


Redesign of the keyboard.


  • Redesign keyboard layouts to include standard, alphanumeric, big button, numeric and reverse numeric layouts
  • Add input field type detection
  • Driven by configuration file
  • Add different user feedback options
  • Add option for key previews while typing

Release 1.1.4

Released December 16, 2019


Initial release of the keyboard.