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Release Notes

Document contains release notes for the BlueFletch Browser.

Package: com.bluefletch.ems.browser

Binaries can be found on the EMS Portal Downloads page.

Release 1.4.1

Released December 15, 2020


Ensure the browser task is closed if the back button is pressed on the last webpage. Support for EMS fast authentication

Release 1.3.1

Released October 30, 2020


Various bug fixes


  • Bluefletch Device logs upload
  • Changed the Color Accent from White to the Primary. Fixes the White button issue
  • Change the LAUNCH status of the Activity to cause reload of existing URL
  • Fixed bug that caused browser to crash without the launcher
  • Toolbar UI update
  • URL Edit view updates
  • Added editable flag and editable url view
  • Changed progress bar to show inside the webview instead of above

Release 1.1.2

Release coming soon.


Initial release of the browser.