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Feature: External Configuration Support


In a typical setup, the Support Application gets its configuration from the BlueFletch Launcher or from configuration files loaded onto the device via an MDM. In version 5.13.8, the Support Application now provides two additional methods for loading configurations. The first is using Play Store Managed Configurations and the second through an Intent Action. These two methods allow the Support Application to store the configurations within application data storage.

Managed Configuration

Within Play Store, when selecting an application, there is the ability to add configuration values, which is called "Managed Configurations". The Support Application will now support this using two fields: 'configUrl' and 'configChecksum'.

configUrl: A URL referencing the desired configuration.

configChecksum: A configuration file checksum. This field is optional.

Intent Action

Sending an intent action of will cause the Support Application to download the provided URL.

There are two intent extra strings: 'url' and 'org_id'.

url: A URL referencing the desired configuration. This is required. Note: In 5.14.4 and above, the URL value can be a local configuration file that is stored in non-managed storage. Ie. /enterprise/usr/config.json.

org_id: The organization ID as found in the BlueFletch Portal. This is required. The organization ID must be within the supplied configuration file.

Example ADB

adb shell am broadcast -a -p --es url --es org_id organizationId

Example AirWatch Command


Example SOTI Command

sendintent -a "intent:#Intent;;;S.url=;S.org_id=organizationId;end;"

Feature Introduced

Feature introduced in Support Application 5.13.8. Feature updated in Support Application 5.14.4.