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Feature: Application Usage History


The Support Application provides a method for requesting a date range of Application Usage information from a device. The usage information will be reported using the event appusage_history. The event data will contain all applications used within the specified date range and the duration of time the applications were visible to the end user.

This feature is supported on devices running Android 10 or above.

Feature Usage

To tell Support Application to generate the usage history event, send an intent action of, with intent extras of 'begin' and 'end'.

begin and end represent the desired reporting range for the request. Each is a string in date format of YEAR MONTH DAY, ie. '2023-02-06'.


The following examples tell a device to report for the Month of January, 2023. The extras values used are begin="2023-01-01" and end="2023-01-31".

Example ADB

adb shell am broadcast -a -p --es begin "2023-01-01" --es end "2023-01-31"

Example AirWatch Command


Example SOTI Command

sendintent -a "intent:#Intent;;;S.begin=2023-01-01;S.end=2023-01-31;end;"

Feature Introduced

Feature introduced in Support Application 5.15.x.