Event Information

The Support Application generates different events, with each event containing specific data points. Some data points are common to all events

Data Points

Each of the events have the following common data points.


Field Data Type Description
time Date The date / time the event was generated
origin String Indicates "handheld"
orgId String The organization Id that the device belongs to
event String The event name
deviceId String The device serial Number
userSettings Map, converted to JSON Array Key / Value pairs of user application settings. Ie: StoreNumber, User Id, etc.

Device Activity details

Some events contain additional device details. These details include the following points: Battery, Network, GPS (location), ScreenState, Foreground APP, and Additional Details (optional).


Field Data Type Description
technology String battery tech, ex: Li-ion
connectionState String If charging, how is the battery connected: USB, Wireless, etc
health String The health of the battery, as detected by the OS. Good, Bad, etc.
serialNumber String The Battery serial Number
status String Battery status, charging or discharging
voltage int Battery voltage
temperature double Current battery temperature
charge double Current charge on battery


Field Data Type Description
connectionSubType String battery tech, ex: Li-ion
connectType String How connected (wifi
connected boolean connected (1) or not connected (0)
ssid String Current SSID
ipAddress String AP Ip Address
linkSpeed int Link Speed
networkId Int Network ID
isRoaming boolean Is the device roaming.
rssi int RSSI value, indicates Signal Strength
hiddenSSID boolean Is the SSID Hidden

GPS / Location

Field Data Type Description
gpsEnabled boolean Is GPS Location enabled
netEnabled boolean Is Network Location enabled
passiveEnabled boolean Is Passive Location enabled
gpsLat String Latitude according to GPS Location
gpsLong String Longitude according to GPS Location
netLat String Latitude according to Network Location
netLong String Longitude according to Network Location
passiveLat String Latitude according to Passive Location
passiveLong String Longitude according to Passive Location
Field Data Type Description
foregroundApp String Package / Application that is currently in the foreground when event generated
screenState String Screen ON or OFF
details Hash Map Key / value pairs of different data points. Most likely from other applications.
permissionsAppUsage Boolean 1 or 0 to indicate if the Optiko Agent as permissions to use AppUsage data. If the field does not exist, then device does not support application usage permissions.


The following details the different events that are supported.


Event indicating the Charging / Discharging. When a device stops charging (removed from Cradle), this event will be generated indicating the duration of the Charge, begining/ ending Charge, and Rate of Charge per hour. Once the device is begins to charge (placed on Cradle), an event will be generate indicating the Discharge of the battery (duration, beginning/ending charge, rate per hour of discharge).

Use "type" field to determine if a "charge" or "discharge" event session.

Field Data Type Description
type String indicates either a CHARGE or DISCHARGE session
startTime Date/Time Start Date/Time of session
endTime Date/Time Ending Date/Time of session
duration long Length, in seconds, of the session
startCharge long Charge value at the beginning of session
endCharge long Charge value at the end of session
ratePerHour double Rate per hour of the charge or discharge
projectedHour long Projected number of hours to discharge or charge the device

Example Event


Event indicates a change in SSID / BSSID. Then event is generated when a Connection Change event occurs.

Field Data Type Description
startTime Date/Time Start Date/time of the connection
endTime Date/Time Date/Time when connection lost
duration long Duration, in seconds, of the connection
minRssi long Minimum Rssi value duration connection
maxRssi long Maximum Rssi value duration connection
avgRssi double Average Rssi value duration connection
ssid String SSID of the Connection
bssid String BSSID of the Connection

Example Event


Event indicates the usage of an application. The event is generated when the user changes to another application, and will log the details of the previous application.

Example steps:

  1. User is in Launcher, logs in.
  2. User opens an application A (calculator, or any other app). Uses the app for at least a few seconds.
  3. User goes back to Launcher. The agent should generate an appusage event for the application that was previously opened.
Field Data Type Description
startTime Date/Time Calculated start time of the application launch
endTime Date/Time Date/Time when application went into background
duration long Length of time, in seconds, that the application was in the foreground
screenOnDuration long Length of time, in seconds, that the screen was on while application in foreground
packageName String Name of the package representing the application

Example Event


Event indicates an Exception occurred within the Optiko Agent.

Field Data Type Description
stackTrace String The stack trace of the error

Example Event


Event indicates the device just booted up. Will start tracking the Settings.

Field Data Type Description
devicesetting Object Collection of Settings information. devMode, adbEnabled, usb, rootAccess, disabledlockScreen
devicedetails Object Collection of OS related information. os, build, kernel, type

Example Event


Event is fired to let the server know that this device is still active. Occurs every 15-30 minutes (configurable).

Example Event


Event indicates the battery has cycled.

Example Event


Event gives a list of installed user applications. Generate on initial run of of Optiko Silent Init

Field Data Type Description
appdetails Array List Array of objects contain "label", "name" and "ver" of packages installed.

Example Event


Event indicates the package / application has been removed from the system.

Field Data Type Description
appdetail Contains the name of the Package.

Example Event


Event indicates the package / application has been Added to the system.

Field Data Type Description
appdetail contains package Label, Name and the Version

Example Event


To indicate that memory is getting low. onLowMemory at application level.

Example Event


To indicate that battery is getting low. System typically invokes when battery level gets below 15%.

Example Event


If any of the Android Settings (USB, Root Access, etc) change from the BOOT of the device, then this event will be sent out.

Example Event


This event is generated when one of four locations are over 80% used. This usage is check on device Boot, when an application is installed or removed, on request (via SilentInitActivity), and on a timer.

Example Event


Event indicates information concerning logs, storage information, device settings, and device information.

Example Event


Tracks information of current network connection.

Example Event

network information

Field Data Type Description
detailedState String Reports the current fine-grained state of the network.
extraInfo String Report the extra information about the network state, if any was provided by the lower networking layers.
isAvailable Boolean Indicates whether network connectivity is possible.
isFailover Boolean Indicates whether the current attempt to connect to the network resulted from the ConnectivityManager trying to fail over to this network following a disconnect from another network.
isConnected Boolean Indicates whether network connectivity exists and it is possible to establish connections and pass data.
isRoaming Boolean Indicates whether the device is currently roaming on this network. When true, it suggests that use of data on this network may incur extra costs.
networkType Integer Reports the type of network (mobile, wifi, wimax, ethernet, bluetooth)
state String Reports the current coarse-grained state of the network.
subtype Integer Return a network-type-specific integer describing the subtype of the network.
subtypeName String Return a human-readable name describing the subtype of the network.
typeName String Return a human-readable name describe the type of the network, for example "WIFI" or "MOBILE".
reason String Report the reason an attempt to establish connectivity failed, if one is available.

wifi information

Field Data Type Description
connected boolean Indicates whether network connectivity exists and it is possible to establish connections and pass data.
hiddenSSID boolean true if this network does not broadcast its SSID, so an SSID-specific probe request must be used for scans.
bssid String Return the basic service set identifier (BSSID) of the current access point. The BSSID may be null if there is no network currently connected.
linkSpeed Integer Returns the current link speed in Mbps
networkId Integer Each configured network has a unique small integer ID, used to identify the network when performing operations on the supplicant.
ssid String Returns the service set identifier (SSID) of the current 802.11 network.
roaming Boolean Indicates whether the device is currently roaming on this network. When true, it suggests that use of data on this network may incur extra costs.
rssi Integer Returns the received signal strength indicator of the current 802.11 network, in dBm.
macAddress String Returns device"s mac address
connectSubtype String Return a human-readable name describing the subtype of the network.
ipAddress String Return device"s IP address
frequency int Returns the current frequency in MHz
gateway String Returns the gateway address
dns1 String Domain Name Server name
dns2 String Alternate Domain Name Server name
proxy String Defines the http proxy configuration
savedNetworks ArrayList\<String\> List of SSIDs of saved networks

Describes the properties of a network link. A link represents a connection to a network. It may have multiple addresses and multiple gateways, multiple dns servers but only one http proxy and one network interface.

Field Data Type Description
dnsServer List\<InetAddress\> List of IP address of DNS servers
domains String The DNS domains search path set for this link
proxyHost String The host of the proxy
proxyPort int The port of the proxy
proxyExclusionList String[] List of hosts for which the proxy is ignored
interfaceName String Interface name for this link
linkAddresses ArrayList\<LinkInformation\> List of LinkInformation that contains: host InetAddress, host flags, host scope
routes ArrayList\<RouteInformation\> List of information of all routes set to this link
Field Type Description
bssid String bssid of current network


Event indicates a warning or error with a device license.


A custom application log used by individual applications to indicate an action has occurred.


This event is generated when the Find Device processing is occuring.


Indicates a device has shutdown normally.