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User Guide: Support Agent Tab


Dashboards List

All users who can see the Home dashboard on login can also view Support Agent's Dashboards subtab, a list of dashboards available for that organization. The dashboard list is broken up into Main Dashboards, which can be set as the default dashboard for an organization, and Drilldown Dashboards, which can be linked into cards on main dashboards and then "drilled-down into" for a deeper layer of detail. From the list, users can view and manage various dashboards types - Draft, Organization, and Public - based on their permissions.

Draft dashboards are dashboards in-progress which have not been published as organization dashboards yet. Drafts cannot be made default dashboards for a user or organization. Organization dashboards are created by BlueFletch but are only available to one organization. Draft and organization dashboards will display a menu button if the administrator has permission to manage them; the menu provides options to Change Status, View, Rename, and Delete the dashboard.

Menu Options

Public dashboards are created by BlueFletch to be utilized by all organizations; the dashboard queries will only return data relevant to the logged-in organization. Public dashboards will only have the View option available.

Manage Dashboards

Click the three-dot menu in a draft or organization dashboard's title card to expand the menu options: Change Status, View, Rename, and Delete.

  • On a draft dashboard, select Change Status. Select "Organization" and press Update to change the dashboard from draft to organization. Change Status is still available for organization-level dashboards, but no changes can be made.

    Change Status of Dashboard

  • On a draft or organization dashboard, select Rename. Enter a different name and press Save to change the dashboard's title. A title must be entered; a dashboard cannot be renamed to an empty string. A dashboard also cannot be renamed to the same name as another dashboard.

    Rename Dashboard - Empty Field

  • On a draft or organization dashboard, select Delete. In the Delete Dashboard confirmation prompt, press Delete to confirm deleting the dashboard or Cancel to revert back to the Dashboards list without deleting.

    Delete Dashboard Confirmation

View Dashboards

All dashboards visible to a user will have a View option. If the user does not have permission to manage the dashboard, View will be the only option listed; if the user has permission to manage the dashboard, View will be inside the options menu.

Pressing View navigates to that dashboard. Data in this dashboard can be filtered by date or site.

If a main dashboard is selected, some of the cards may have triangular icons in the upper right corner indicating that there is a drilldown dashboard with more detailed data.

View Dashboard with Drilldowns

Clicking the drilldown icon navigates to that particular drilldown dashboard (e.g. clicking on the "Applications" card drilldown proceeds to the "Applications by Usage" public dashboard). The user can filter data inside this dashboard or click a back icon to return to the main dashboard.

Drilldown Dashboard