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User Guide: StageNow Play

Creating a StageNow Play

Use the following steps to create a Zebra StageNow play to use in a playbook:

  1. Navigate to PLAYBOOK MDM tab and select the PLAYS subtab. Sending Notifications


  2. Select select the NEW PLAY button. New Play


  3. The user will be taken to a Create New Play page Create New Play


  4. Enter the name of the StageNow play Enter Name


  5. Select action to display a list of actions and select Stage NOW from the list. Select Action


  6. Stage NOW will be the selected action and a text field to enter XML will display. XML Box


  7. Paste or enter the XML from StageNow in the field. Paste XML


  8. Select SAVE Save NOW


  9. The new StageNow play will now display in the list of available plays. Play NOW


  10. By selecting STAGE NOW from the list view the user can view the xml, created and updated dates and the version number. StageNOW


  11. The newly created StageNow play can now be added to a playbook.