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User Guide: Login & Logout


  1. Navigate to


  2. Enter an email in the Email Address box, then select Continue.

    Enter Email

  3. Enter the password and select Continue.

    Enter Password

  4. Once logged in, the user will be navigated to the organization's default dashboard for the Support Agent tab. The user's first name and organization appear at the bottom of the left side navigation bar.

Forgot Password

The forgot password option can be accessed from the login page if the user knows the email address associated with his or her account but does not remember the password.

  1. After entering the email address, press Forgot Password, directly below the password field.

  2. The user's email address, to which the password reset link will be sent, is displayed but cannot be edited now.

    Forgot Password Submission

  3. In order to continue, the user must check the reCaptcha box. The reCaptcha will have to be re-checked after 60 seconds if the user does not proceed during that time.

  4. Pressing Continue will send the link to reset the user's password.

    Password Reset Sent

  5. Following the link in the email takes the user to a page to create a new password. Password requirements are listed and emphasized in red until the user enters and re-enters a password that meets all criteria.

    Create Password


  1. In the navigation sidebar on the left, click on the user's information (first name and organization).

  2. Press Logout.