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User Guide: Audit Logs

Audit Log Overview

After logging in as an admin, the user should see a tab called AUDIT LOGS, where the user can review and search changes made to the their Portal instance and profile.

View Audit Logs

  1. Navigate to Admin and click AUDIT LOGS from the sub-navigation bar ADMIN Audit Logs


  2. The user is able to view the the timestamp of the action, the logged in User who initiated the action, the action performed, and additional information. Audit Log Headers


  3. Some line items will have details of the changes that were made. These can be seen by selecting the expand function on the line item. Expanding Changes


  4. Events that are logged are called Actions. Below shows which actions are currently available in the Portal.

    Action Definition
    login The user has logged into the Portal
    ssoLogin The user has logged in using their preferred Single Sign On method
    TermsOfService The user has acknowledged the Terms of Service
    create The user has created a new user for their organization
    passwordReset The user has reset their password
    activationRequest The user has sent an activation requests to a new, or previously created user
    changePassword The user has changed their password
    update The user has edited a previously entered field within the Portal instance.

Search Audit Logs

In the search field the user can narrow down their investigation of the logs by searching for specific filtered options based on the table column names.

  1. Enter search criteria and terms in the search box, and click Enter on the keyboard to initate the search. Searching Logs


Search scenarios and examples are listed below:

| Scenario |  Example Search Criteria |
|--------| ------|
| To search for a specific user | "user:John Smith" |
| To search for a specific database table | "table:Users" |
| To search for a specific time | "time: 12/21/2020 11:16 AM" |
| To search for a specific action | "action:login"|
  1. Searching for term that doesn't exist will inform the user that no logs matched the criteria that was searched (example- "action:Fletch") Searching Logs