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User Guide: Admin Tab

Admin Overview

After logging in as an admin, the user should see an ADMIN tab in the navigation bar. This tab gives the user access to configure settings for the entire organization, download the latest APKs, locate the license key, setup single sign-on functionality into the portal, and edit the organization’s dashboards and default settings. To edit, hover over the organization click on the pencil icon, and the user will be taken to an editing window for that organization.

Editing Organizations

  1. To edit the name of the organization or the organization’s code, make the desired changes in the text boxes. Editing Org


  2. Contact : In this editing window, input contact information for the admin of the organization in the Contact Name and Contact Phone # boxes. Editing Org

  3. Portal Theme: Part1 : To customize the dashboard to suit the organization's Portal Theme use the EDIT COLORS and CHANGE LOGO buttons. Editing Org

  4. Portal Theme: Part2 : Changing the logo will prompt the user to upload a new file, while editing the colors will open a pop-up that allows the user to change the Navigation Color, Sub- Navigation and Button Color.
    Editing Org


  5. Support Data : The admin can also establish the system default dashboard for the entire organization. Select the desired dashboard from the Default Dashboard drop down menu. Forward Events To allows the user to specify a URL to receive forwarded EMS Event data from the Support Agent. The URL must support POST requests. Dashboard Timeframe allows the user to change the default date range (hours from now) for the data displayed on your dashboard. Default Refresh Rate allows the user to change how frequently the data on the dashboard is updated. Editing Org


6. Playbook Agent Settings : Adjust the polling interval, which is how often the agent will sync any updates to plays, and set when to sync devices that are cradled. Select the default playbook agent version number to determine whether or not to autoupdate the playbook agent to the latest version.

Editing Org

Note :The API Key will be displayed at the end of the page.


After making all of the changes, click on the SAVE button to save the changes. Editing Org


Downloading APKs

  1. Navigate to Admin and click DOWNLOADS from the sub-navigation bar
  2. Click on the respective URL to download the desired APK. To view previous versions of APKs, click VIEW VERSIONS. Downloading APKs


Edit Enterprise

Register an organization with the Google PlayStore from the Enterprise tab. To edit an existing enterprise, click the edit button to edit configurations. For more information review Enroll Org in EMM Agents


Editable configurations: Agents