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Feature: User Activation


Feature sends an email to a new user, then has that user Activate their account via the Portal. Activation includes having the end user set their own password.


  1. Admin goes to Org List (ie. host/admin/organizations/).
  2. Add new user to the Organization.
  3. Within Org List, locate user and press 'Send Activiation'.
  4. Send activation invokes data services account/request-activation end point.
  5. account/request-activation will:
    • verify the user needs activation
    • will update the database with a token and expiration date
    • will send an email to the End User with a link to the Activation page
  6. End user will navigate to the supplied link where they will be prompted to enter a valid password
  7. The Activation page will invoke activate/{tokenid}/token end point.
  8. The Activate end point will:
    • Ensure the Token has not expired
    • Update the User's account with the new password
    • Update the User's account to Activated
  9. User will then be directed to go to the Login Page.