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BlueFletch Enterprise for Zebra Devices - Quick Start Guide

These instructions are intended to be used for setting up an Android Zebra device with a built-in 2D scanner. For help with provisioning other devices, please email us at, or directly to your BlueFletch contact.


This guide will walk through the steps (a) to install Playbook Agent, BlueFletch's enterprise installer application, on a device and (b) to register a device into BlueFletch Enterprise through a deployment group.

Install the Playbook Agent App

  1. Any administrative user on a licensed BlueFletch Enterprise account can download the Playbook Agent APK file from the BlueFletch Portal website. Navigate to the Downloads page in the Admin section and click the download icon for the latest version of "Playbook Agent" - or expand the list to select an older version of the application, if desired.

  2. Sideload the APK file to device using this adb command, with the file location of the APK download in lieu of the placeholder:

    adb install -g <path/to/file.apk>

    This should install the application on the device and grant all permissions. The app should be available from the device's homescreen applications list.

    Note: The user may get an Install Blocked message – click on Settings and under Security, enable the Unknown Sources toggle (this is due to the application installing outside of the Play Store). After enabling this setting, retry downloading or opening the application.
    Device Settings


  3. After the install is completed, open the application. The device is now ready to be registered.

Register the Device in a Deployment Group

A deployment group is a user-defined logical collection of devices. Each deployment group can be assigned to a playbook, and all registered devices under the deployment group will run the assigned playbook.

Deployment Groups are managed within Playbook MDM in the BlueFletch Portal.

If the organization already has a deployment group created and assigned to a playbook, click the group's Show Barcode button on the Portal Deployment Groups page, then scan from the screen open in the Playbook Agent application.


For a complete walkthrough of the deployment process, see the documentation on deploying the BlueFletch Enterprise suite from the Portal.