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Playbook Agent

The BlueFletch Playbook Agent, a device-side client for Playbook MDM, is designed for (Zebra/Rugged) Android devices and provides the ability to manage, configure, and update fleets of devices. Installing the Playbook Agent on a device enables the device to be recognized within the BlueFletch Portal's Playbook MDM. A device administrator can then associate the device with a deployment group to run a playbook. A playbook can be imagined as a set of tasks (also known as plays) to be carried out.

A few examples of plays include:

  • Downloading/Deleting Files
  • Resetting a Device
  • Manipulating Configurations

See the documentation on Playbook MDM for more details on deployment groups, playbooks, and plays.


  • Agent Auto Update - To automatically update the devices to a version of the Playbook Agent that is set on the Portal. Click this link to review the Playbook Settings
  • Playbook Sync - To get the latest APKs and files to the device.

Application Details

Package: com.bluefletch.go