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Sending Messages

Messages are sent via MQTT Topics. By defualt, there are 4 topic types supported:

  • Device
  • Store
  • Role
  • Group

To post messages / notifications to a Topic, BlueFletch Enterprise supports two methods:

  • BlueFletch Portal
  • Rest API

BlueFletch Portal

By using the BlueFletch Portal, an Admin can send messages to a specific topic. Simply log into the Portal and navigate to the 'Enterprise Launcher' tab, then 'Notifications'.


Enter the desired topic and json object of the message, then press send. See Notification Body for the format of the JSON Object.

Rest API

Posting a JSON object to the 'Notify' endpoint will send messages to the Topic.


Parameters : topic a string representing the Topic to post the message.

Header : x-bf-pb-apikey the organization's API Key

Body : the Json object representing the message to send. See Notification Body for the format of the JSON Object.

Example CURL

curl -X POST ""  -H "x-bf-pb-apikey: apikeyhere"  -H "accept: */*" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{ \"notificationId\": 6001, \"contentTitle\": \"Customer Phone Call\", \"contentText\": \"Call Jenny\", \"expandedTitle\": \"\",  \"expandedText\": [],  \"packageName\": \"\",  \"intentAction\": \"android.intent.action.CALL\", \"intentExtras\": [{ \"key\": \"DATA\", \"value\": \"tel:\/\/8675309\" } ], \"autoCancel\": true, \"onGoing\": false, \"useSound\": true, \"useHeadsUp\": false}"

Notification Body

Field Description
notificationId number indicates the Notification Id. Should be unique per notification. Can use the same Id to replace an existing message being displayed
contentTitle string Title of the message to display
contentText string Text of the Message body
expandedTitle string Expanded Text of the Message body
expandedText array Array of string to display in the expanded message
packageName string Represents the package to invoke if the message display is press by the user
intentAction string Represents the ACTION to invoke if the message display is pressed by the user
intentExtras array Array of Intent Objects to insert within the intent posted when if the message display is pressed by the user
autoCancel boolean true/false, allow the user to dismiss the message
onGoing boolean true/false,
useSound boolean true/false,
useHeadsUp boolean true/false
soundName string Optional parameter to specify a custom audio file on the device for notifications if useSound=true AND useHeadsUp=true, e.g. "/sdcard/Download/ems/MyRingTone", where a file named MyRingTone.mp3 exists in /sdcard/Download/ems folder. Note to not include the file extension in the field value.

Intent Object

Field Description
key string key of the Intent data
value string value for the intent object

Example Notification Body

    "notificationId": 6001,
    "contentTitle": "Customer Phone Call",
    "contentText": "Call Jenny",
    "expandedTitle": "",
    "expandedText": [],
    "packageName": "",
    "intentAction": "android.intent.action.CALL",
    "intentExtras": [
            "key": "DATA",
            "value": "tel://8675309"
    "autoCancel": true,
    "onGoing": false,
    "useSound": true,
    "useHeadsUp": false