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Feature: Wifi Settings UI Enable/Disable


This feature allows for displaying the Wifi Settings UI. Additionally a flag can be set to allow editing Wifi settings.

The basics for this feature involve using a new layout item properties of action and wifiSettingsEnabled. These values coupled with improved icon processing allow for displaying a 'Settings' shortcut that will open the 'Wifi' Display UI.



Available fields used to describe an Action to display on the Launcher Home Screen.

Field Description
action string The system level action string to invoke. Example: android.settings.WIFI_SETTINGS or android.settings.BLUETOOTH_SETTINGS
label string The name to display (required)
icon string Represents a icon to overvide the default application image. Ie. /sdcard/DCIM/icons/logo.png or a package name: (optional)
wifiSettingsEnabled boolean If this Application is started by End User, and the value is "true", then enable editing within the Wifi Settings UI. False indicates do nothing with Wifi Settings UI. Valid values are "true" and "false", defaults to "false".


  "layouts" : {

        "label" : "Wifi Settings",
        "action": "android.settings.WIFI_SETTINGS",
        "icon" : "",
        "wifiSettingsEnabled": true

    "*": [
            "label" : "Wifi Settings-ReadOnly",
            "action": "android.settings.WIFI_SETTINGS",
            "icon" : "",
            "wifiSettingsEnabled": false

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 3.x.