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Feature: Load Configurations via QR Code Scan


To make testing, troubleshooting, and on-boarding easier, BlueFletch Enterprise users are now able to scan a QR code to apply a Launcher configuration directly to a device.

How it works

The BlueFletch Portal builds a QR Code that represents the Launcher configuration. This QR Code is a compressed version of Launcher configuration. Upon scanning the QR Code, the Launcher will decompress the code and verify that it is a valid configuration. Once verified, the configuration will be applied to the device.


  1. Create a valid Launcher Configuration within the BlueFletch Portal.

  2. Display the QR Code within the Portal.

  3. From the Launcher home screen, scan the QR Code.

  4. If there is not a configuration on the device, the configuration will be applied.

  5. If there is a configuration on the device, the user will be prompted to overwrite the configuration.

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 2.11.x.