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Password Protected Applications


This feature allows for any application, shortcut, or folder to require password entry before launch. The password can be configured when setting up the available items in Launcher.

How It Works

When a user selects an application that is password protected, a dialog will open and prompt the user to enter a password. The user has 3 attempts at entering the password correctly before the dialog closes. After the dialog closes, the user can attempt again immediately by selecting the item.

When configuring the applications, shortcuts, and folders in the layouts section, the administrator has to add the password field and SHA-256 hashed version of the password. When prompted on the device to enter the password, the user can just enter the regular text password.

Technical Notes



"layouts" : {
    "Associates": [
            "package": "",
            "password": "d9b5f58f0b38198293971865a14074f59eba3e82595becbe86ae51f1d9f1f65e",

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 3.13.24