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Feature: Low Battery Mode


Android devices have a built-in low battery alert which will warn the user when a device's battery level drops to 15% but it will still allow continued activity on the device. Similarly, the BlueFletch Support Application can play an alert tone on a device when its battery level falls to a configured percentage (defined by the property findMeBatteryLevelWarning - see Support Applications - Configurations for more details). In either case, a user can choose to dismiss the notification and continue using the device without charging it until it dies.

Typically, Zebra devices will automatically power down when they reach about 7% remaining battery. To prompt a user to start charging their device before this occurs, a device can be locked in a kiosk state where only one screen is accessible - in this case, a screen with the message "Low Battery detected, put the device on a charger." Low Battery Mode blocks all user interfaces on the device from being accessed once the battery drops to a determined level, and then allows the device to automatically resume functionality once it has been charged sufficiently.

Low Battery Mode does not affect lock screen notifications. This means that applications are still accessible from those notifications. Therefore, it is recommended to disable lock screen notifications via the MDM.


Field Description
useLowBatteryMode boolean If true, the device will enter Low Battery Mode once the battery level falls to the percentage defined in lowBatteryModeStartLevel; the device will exit Low Battery Mode once the battery is charged to the level defined in lowBatteryModeEndLevel. Default is false.
lowBatteryModeStartLevel integer The threshold, in percentage of battery life, for locking the device in Low Battery Mode mode if useLowBatteryMode is true. Default is 10.
lowBatteryModeEndLevel integer The threshold, in percentage of battery life, for exiting Low Battery Mode mode if useLowBatteryMode is true. Default is lowBatteryModeStartLevel + 5 (e.g. if lowBatteryModeStartLevel is not defined, lowBatteryModeEndLevel defaults to 15).

Feature Rollout

Low Battery Mode was introduced in Launcher 3.14.4.