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Feature: Launcher Kiosk


To allow placing the Launcher into Kiosk mode when starting pre-defined applications or shortcut. The user will be able to interact with only the selected application / shortcut until they exit Kiosk mode.

How it works

Within the configuration for an Application or Shortcut, add the kiosk flag, setting it to true. This flag is used indicate whether or not to go into Kiosk mode.

To get out of Kiosk mode, press the Home button or back out of the running application. Then press the 'Exit Kiosk' button. The user will be prompted to enter the pre-defined exit Kiosk pin code.

See the Launcher Configurations on Applications and Web Shortcuts for more information on the flag.


        "package": "",
        "kiosk" : true

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 2.12.x.