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Feature: Disable Packages


This feature allows for disabling packages at start up (after configuration is loaded).

It uses the values in disablePackages, but also makes sure the package is not in the 'protected' list of applications (for example, a device administrator cannot disable

<<<<<<< HEAD


======= WARNING: Disabling system applications may affect device behavior. Always test changes before deploying to production.



There are two ways that a package can be disabled.

  1. After Configuration is loaded, the configuration is read for disablePackages. All packages within the disablePackages collection are disabled.

  2. After a package installation is detected, if the package exists within the disablePackages collection, it is disabled.

Note: If a package is within the Protected List collection, it will not be disabled.

Technical Notes

Configuration :

disablePackages : list of packages to disable.


   "disablePackages": [

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 2.8.x