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Feature: Custom Intents Replacement Variables


Launcher has the ability to invoke Android Intents during certain device or user actions (see Custom Intents for additional details). Now the launcher supports including Session variables within those custom intents.

How it works

The replacement variables take the format of '${session.KEYNAME}'. If the desired value is within the Session Extended Attributes, then include an 'ex' to indcidate Extended attributes, ie., '${session.ex.token}'.

Example variables:





The replacement variables are processed within the intent EXTRAS. The following shows an example of sending the User Id, Location, and Role to another applciation.

"intents" : {
   "login" : [{
        "action": "com.some.application.ACTION_FOR_LOGIN",
        "package": "com.some.application",
        "extras": [
            "user_name" : "${session.userId}",
            "site_id" : "${session.location}",
            "role" : "${session.role}"
        "flags": 1,
        "typeIntent": "a"

See Launcher Configurations for more information on the Intents object configurations.

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 3.x.