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Feature: Custom Field Display


Allows display of values in the Launcher home screen retrieved from an external file.

How it works

For example, if there is an ASCII formatted file on the device /sdcard/Download/extension_dept.txt that contains the following:

Dept=Front Desk

The following configuration will allow you to display "2311 - Front Desk" on the bottom left hand corner of the Launcher:

    "customField" : {
        "format" : "{Extension} - {Department}",
        "source" : [
                "pathfile": "/sdcard/Download/extension_dept.txt",
                "regex": "Ext=(.*)",
                "name": "Extension"
                "pathfile": "/sdcard/Download/extension_dept.txt",
                "regex": "Dept=(.*)",
                "name": "Department"

The Launcher when in focus will go through the source pathfiles and extract the group value specified by the regex and assign it as value for the field name. In the above example, the matching group for '"Ext=(.)"' from the file will yield 2311*, and is assigned to the field name 'Extension'.

The Launcher will then apply the values read into the placeholders (the name of the custom field encluded in braces) as defined in the format configuration field. In this example, the Launcher will replace {Exension} with the value 2311 on the display.

Since it uses Java regular expressions to parse the values from the file, this feature is not file format specific, e.g. you an use XML, JSON or text files as long as it is ASCII formatted and the regex is correct.

See the Launcher Configurations on Custom Fields for more information on each configuration field.

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 2.13.x.