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Feature: Assets Manager


This feature allows for the Launcher to manage selected UI assets and files. Using configuration settings, the Launcher has the ability to download images and files to a device, then use those assets for display purposes.

How it works

Within the Launcher configuration there is an assets collection of name / value pairs. Within this collection the name represents the file name and the value represents the location URL of the asset. When Launcher starts up or detects a configuration change, it will read through the assets and download the referenced file or image to an internal assets directory.

When rendering the main home screen, the Launcher will reference the assets directory for any needed named icons or images. This is accomplished by specifying 'assets:NAME' within the icon field of a layout item.

Technical Notes



    "assets": {
        "imageName.png": "",
        "anotherImage": ""

Usage within layouts:

        "package": "",
        "icon": "assets:anotherImage"

Feature Introduced

Feature Introduced in Launcher 3.10.10.