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The BlueFletch Keyboard is a configurable replacement for the device's default keyboard. These configurable settings allow for changing the keyboard layouts, disable key previews, and choose a feedback option when a key is pressed.

Keyboard Layouts

The default keyboard layout is chosen with the boolean settings "bigButtonText" and "alphanumeric". Below are examples of the different keyboard settings.

Standard Layout

To get the standard keyboard, use the following settings.

"bigButtonText" : false,
"alphanumeric" : false


Standard Layout

Alphanumeric Layout

To get the alphanumeric keyboard, use the following settings.

"bigButtonText" : false,
"alphanumeric" : true


Alphanumeric Layout

Big Button Layout

To get the big button keyboard, use the following settings.

"bigButtonText" : true,
"alphanumeric" : false

If both "bigButtonText" and "alphanumeric" are set to true, the keyboard will default to big button layout.


Left Big Button Layout Right Big Button Layout

Key Preview

Key previews allow for the user to see which key has been pressed while typing. This setting is adjusted by the "keyPreview" boolean value in the config file. In the picture below, "keyPreview" is set to true, and 'j' is being pressed.

Key Preview


The feedback on the press of a key is customizable and is adjusted with the "hapticFeedback" setting in the config file. It has the following settings:

Sound and Vibration

The device makes a click sound and vibrates on keypress. This is the default setting.

"hapticFeedback" : "hapticClick"

Sound Only

The device makes a click sound on key press.

"hapticFeedback" : "click"

Vibration Only

The device vibrates on key press.

"hapticFeedback" : "haptic"

No Feedback

The devices does not give any feedback on key press.

"hapticFeedback" : "none"

If there is a typo in the String variable, there will be no feedback.


The configuration setting to control the keyboard layout, key previews, and feedback options are set within the launcher configuration file. Descriptions of the various options can be found in the configuration page.

Example Keyboard Config

"keyboard": {
  "hapticFeedback" : "hapticClick",
  "bigButtonText" : false,
  "alphanumeric" : true,
  "keyPreview" : false

Application Details

Package com.bluefletch.keyboard

After installing the application, set as default keyboard.

Example via ADB

adb shell ime set com.bluefletch.keyboard/.KeyboardInputMethodService