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Device Finder

The Device Finder allows a store device user to view the status of other store devices.

The deviceFinder object and key-values for configuring the application were added in Device Finder version 2.6.11 (also requires Enterprise Launcher version 3.16.15) and are documented in the Technical Guide.


This application gives the ability for store managers to view devices assigned to their site/location, where were the devices were last seen, and current device status. Additionally, the application will allow for locating lost or missing devices by indicating the last access point connection and the last logged-in user.

Also, users have access to a FindMe service to "ping" a device, upon which the missing device will then play an audible alarm. There are different configurations that can be set for the FindMe service, such as defining a different media to play, the duration of the notification, and more. These can be set within your Launcher configuration, and more details can be found in the Support Application Configuration documentation.


See a list of all devices, ordered by the date/time the device last reported.

Low Battery Devices

Easily identify devices with low batteries.

Device Details

Display details about a device, including recent event history.

Ping Device

Send a notification to a device to allow for an audible alarm to sound. This will assist in finding lost or misplaced devices.

Application Details

Package: com.bluefletch.ems.deviceinformation