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BlueFletch Chat


The BlueFletch Chat application utilizes the MQTT Messaging service to send text and voice messages between users at the same site location.

To use Chat, the user must be logged-in through an authentication service on an Android device that has a company site selected. The user will be able to see a list of all other logged-in and recently logged-out device users for that site, and send and receive text messages between themselves and other device and BlueFletch Portal users. Zebra device users can record and send audio messages to other device users using the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button.

Chat posts notifications for newly received messages to the device's notification tray.


  • BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher v3.3.17+
  • BlueFletch Messaging v3.4.8+
  • BlueFletch Support Application
  • A BlueFletch Authentication application
  • A means of assigning site location (sitelist.csv file or custom site finder).
  • For specific launcher configuration requirements, see the Technical Guide

Application Details