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The BlueFletch Browser is a configurable replacement for the device's default browser. The purpose of the BlueFletch Browser is to provide a more secure browsing experience and to make the settings adjustable. These adjustable settings allow for viewing the url, viewing the webpage title, viewing the cookies for the current url, and lock the orientation of the view.


Show Url: enabling "showUrl" will display the web url to the user.

Show Title: enabling "showTitle" will display the webpage title to the user. If a Shortcut Object is being used, the "label" value is the title that will be displayed.

Allow Cookie Preview: enabling "allowCookiePreview" will allow the user to display the cookies for the current url. If this cookie display is allowed, a lock icon will appear in the top right corner. Selecting this icon will display the cookies.

Fix Orientation: enabling "fixOrientation" will lock the orientation of the view to portrait. Otherwise, the orientation of the view can flow between landscape and portrait based on the way the device is being held.


With All Settings Enabled

Settings Enabled

With All Settings Disabled

Settings Disabled


The configuration settings to control the url display, title display, cookie display, and fixed orientation are initally set with the Shortcut Object that is passed to the browser. If no settings are found within the Shortcut Object, the settings are pulled from the browser config settings. Descriptions of the various options can be found in the configuration page.

Example Shortcut Object

    "label" : "BlueFletch",
    "url" : "",
    "icon" : "/sdcard/DCIM/icons/bluefletch_logo.png",
    "showUrl" : false,
    "showTitle" : false,
    "allowCookiePreview" : false,
    "fixOrientation" : false

Example Browser Config Settings

"browser": {
    "showUrl" : false,
    "showTitle" : false,
    "allowCookiePreview" : false,
    "fixOrientation" : false

Application Details

Package com.bluefletch.ems.browser

After installing the application, set as default browser.