Using the optional Authentication module, Launcher provides single sign-on to the device by authenticating the user through the customer’s identity provider and allows other applications to verify authentication via the Launcher.

Supported Identity Providers

  • OKTA
  • OneLogin
  • ADFS
  • Google
  • Custom
  • Integration with Zebra's Ptt Pro
APK Protocol Library Identity Providers Notes
Okta OpenId App Auth Ping, Okta, OneLogin Chrome Custom Tab support
OktaRest OpenId App Auth Ping, Okta, OneLogin Native Token
ADAL OAuth2 ADAL ADFS 3.0, Azure AD 1.0 Native Token Support
LDAP LDAP Unbound ADFS 2.0+, LDAP Native Token Support

Secondary Authentication/Reauth

The following are available secondary methods for re-authentication * Face Verification * NFC Tag * PIN

Application Details

Package: com.bluefletch.ems.auth